Adam and Pete | 10 Best Cycling Cities In The World
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10 Best Cycling Cities In The World

What could be better on a nice summer day than riding a bike around town? Only riding a bike in the unfamiliar city and exploring its attractions. In this article, we will tell about the 10 best cycling cities in the world.

Copenhagen, Denmark

In Copenhagen, about 35% of citizens are cyclists. Almost every local resident has an own bike, and for tourists and “horseless” citizens about 2000 bikes for rent are available in the city. Overall, the city has 400 km of cycle paths.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a huge metropolis with the developed transport network, including a bike one. It’s much faster – no traffic jams, and more useful – the Japanese monitor their health. Don’t be surprised if you see the clerk in an expensive suit with a briefcase on a bicycle. All private bikes are registered at the police office. A unique number is assigned and a nameplate is glued to the frame.

Barcelona, Spain

In Barcelona, cycling was born in 2007 and is still gaining momentum. Today, over 30,000 of Barcelona citizens are – cyclists. The city has about 100 rental stations: any resident or tourist can take a bike, and then return it to the same or another location. The number of car parks is constantly increasing.

Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is the capital of Colombia and is perhaps best cycling city in Latin America. There is an extensive network of cycle paths – about 300 km. The cycling culture was implemented thanks to the mayor Enrique Peñalosa, who, in order to improve the ecological situation in the city, began to encourage cyclists and beautify the city with green spaces. Each year, in Bogota, Ciclovia – a day without cars is held, when traffic is blocked for cars and all people ride bikes.

Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital is experiencing a real boom in cycling. If two decades ago the bicycle was not considered as a means of transportation, but rather a means of entertainment, but now Budapest is one of the most adapted for cycling cities in Europe.

Beijing, China

Beijing is not only the economic and cultural capital of China, but also a cycling capital. Officially, the city has over 11 million registered bikes. But the ecological situation in Beijing still should be improved, so the authorities are actively developing urban cycling.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the European capital of cycling. More than 40% of urban traffic belongs to bicycles. There is more than 400 km of cycle paths, equipped with special signs and traffic lights. The city has a lot of parking and bicycle rental stations. You can not only rent classic bikes, but also children’s bikes, tandems, and others.

Malmö, Sweden

The city authorities have invested € 47 million in the development of cycling culture – the construction of tracks and parking lots, as well as the holding “days without cars”. About 25% of Malmö citizens are biking daily. The feature of bicycle paths Malmö is that each of it has a name. They are named on purpose to make it easier to find them on the GPS.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sunny Rio is a very sporty city. Many people are running around in the morning, doing surfing and cycling. Bicycle paths began to appear along the Copacabana beach before the climate summit in 1992. Since then, the network is constantly growing.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, as well as the most bicycle city in the country. Locals scrupulously monitor the health and, therefore, changed cars to bikes happily. The picturesque nature contributes to prolonged cycling, especially in the city – even highways are equipped with tracks for cyclists. But the most surprising, in Christchurch, an open-air cinema for cycling fans was opened. Do you want to watch a movie? Pedal on the exercise bike, otherwise there will be no electricity.

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