Adam and Pete | 10 Reasons to Visit the Unites States of America
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10 Reasons to Visit the Unites States of America

The United States of America is an advanced country in every way! Young, dynamic, welcoming – it opens its doors to tourists from all over the world. The US will impress you with highly developed tourist infrastructure and the widest range of opportunities for recreation.

Determining the most interesting in the US is like trying to guess the favorite wine of your neighbor. Each person has different tastes regarding the history, nature, science, arts and entertainment. Fortunately, the Unites States offer a wide variety of iconic places, so everyone can find something interesting for them. Therefore, we offer our list of the 10 most interesting places of the US.

New York

The fans of “Suits” have probably already loved New York. It is the biggest city in the country and it is full of amazing attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, Empire State Building, and numerous museums. Everyone will be able to find an interesting place to rest, as there are many boutiques, cinemas, opera, and parties.

Grand Canyon

The Wind and two rivers have created a beautiful base for the National Park “Grand Canyon.” Almost 5,000 square kilometers of unimaginable landscapes created by nature are available for tourists. It is hard enough to find a similar park, as it is one of the deepest canyons in the world.

Las Vegas

Beautiful casinos, casinos, and casinos, but there are not only casinos in Las Vegas. Once you get to Las Vegas, you can tell that you saw the main world attractions, because there are small duplicates of various world landmarks. And why not try your luck?

Niagara Falls

This complex of waterfalls is probably the most popular in the world. Three waterfalls separate the United States from Canada, and specifically the state of New York from Ontario. There is one interesting fact about the waterfall: it rises by 30 cm every year. Previously, this figure was 1.5 meters and the retreat of water slowed down the process of construction of the bypass channel and power station.


Hollywood. Worldwide popularity. In fact, it is only one of the districts of Los Angeles. Many studios have contributed to the fact that even children know the word “Hollywood”. Now it is undergoing the gentrification – previously marginalized neighborhoods of Hollywood are updated and reconstructed.


It is a small island in San Francisco. Previously, it was used as a protective port and later it became a military prison. In the 20s of the last century, a federal prison for extremely dangerous criminals was located on the island. Officially, no one managed to escape from it, but five people, who tried to escape, were missing. Currently, the prison is a museum and you can go for an excursion.


Pentagon is the largest office building in the world. Despite the fact that the US Department of Defense is located here, you can visit it as a member of an excursion. However, it should be recorded in advance. All you need to visit such an important building is your passport.

Madame Tussauds

The popular wax museum is located in Los Angeles. And it is very logical because Los Angeles is the city of movie stars. This museum has more visitors than the same museum in London. Madame Tussauds is open until 2 a.m. daily.


Disneyland is a dream of every kid. It is a huge theme park in California. This is the first park of its kind and it was built in 1955. Every year about 15 million people visit Disneyland. Starting from its opening, the theme park was visited by 600 million people.

Chinatown in San Francisco

Chinatown in San Francisco – is a little China in the US and the largest residence of the Chinese with such density, excluding China, of course. This district was formed more than 150 years ago. Now, 200 thousand of Chinese citizens live there.

This is just a short list of amazing places in the US, but we are sure that everyone will find more sights during a visit.

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