Adam and Pete | 3 Holiday Locations Perfect For You And Your Kids
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3 Holiday Locations Perfect For You And Your Kids

As this article is being written, the sun outside is streaming through the windows and people are wandering by wearing next to nothing. If you were to fling an egg on the pavement right now, you could probably watch it fry to a crisp. The heat is rising in undulating waves and, as with every sunny day in the UK, youíre most likely trapped in your office.

Weíre all hampered by working commitments from time to time, no matter how sunny it is outside. Youíll be handcuffed to your desk in your nine to five ñ but not forever.

For your kids, the summer holidays are a saving grace, a chance to frolic in the sun without having to worry about swatting their days away in school. So nowís your opportunity to take a week or two off and find the perfect holiday location for you and your little ones.

Thatís why, in association with Gatwick meet and greet, weíve come up with a few holiday destinations that are perfect for your family. So stop staring out the window ñ itís time to book a flight!

Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol has always been a byword for sun, sand and more glistening waters than an adventure with Robinson Crusoe. And the regionís tourist board is eager to reel in family holidaymakers.

This bright and airy location in the south of Spain is teeming with waterparks, some of which are attached to hotels. Just imagine ñ your kids can run out of their rooms and straight onto a waterslide!

Accommodations like Hotel Los Patos Park are designed to ensure you have everything on your doorstep to keep the kids entertained, from specially tailored activity clubs to huge swimming areas. And if you can keep the kids occupied for a few hours, you could even visit one of the many golf courses in Costa del Sol for a few games.


Letís look a little closer to home, shall we? After all, not every family holiday in the UK has to involve a caravan and a redcoat. Some locations can offer a little more luxury.

Bovey Castle, in Devon, is the ideal location for anyone looking to don their wellies and Burberry jackets and head for the hills. While you go rambling or play a few rounds of golf, the castle itself features a kids club that will keep them entertained for the entire day.


The Bahamas is yet another location thatís synonymous with sunlit luxury. Its beaches are pure, its tourists are many and itís packed with fun experiences for adults and children alike.

Swim with dolphins at The Reef, Atlantis Paradise Island; encounter Californian Sea lions with the Blue Lagoon; and witness the beautiful corals that surround this island. A holiday here will give your children an experience theyíll never forget.

Got any other family holiday tips? Then let us know in the comments below.

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