Adam and Pete | 6 Movie And TV Locations You Have To Visit In Europe
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6 Movie And TV Locations You Have To Visit In Europe

Many films and television shows over the years have been filmed in Europe’s many countries and historical sites. A fun adventure when planning a trip to this continent would be to check out some of the places where your favorite movies were filmed. From Harry Potter to romantic classics like Notting Hill, movies have been made by their settings and what better way to step into a scene from one of your favorite shows than by actually stepping foot in the location where it was filmed.

Here are a few of the most notable spots in Europe where famous films or television shows were shot. How many can you visit in one trip?

Christ Church College, Oxford, U.K.

The region of Oxford in the United Kingdom has been home to many films over the years like Italian Job and Howard’s End but it is Christ Church College and specifically its grand hall that is the most notably recognized. The Harry Potter films all feature the college from the grand hall to the windy staircases hidden in its grounds. The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry would not have been the same without these iconic grounds.

Notting Hill, London

The areas namesake movie, Notting Hill, is the most notably recognized film to be shot in this gentrified, pretty neighborhood in the heart of London. From an iconic blue door to a street that will live on in infamy, the Notting Hill neighborhood is a can’t miss stop for romantic comedy lovers visiting London.

Doune Castle, Scotland

One of the most iconic English films, Monty Python was actually primarily filmed in a Scottish castle. This castle will live on forever as Camelot and you can still view King Arthur’s sound table on the grounds.

Vatican City

The Vatican has been featured in many films over the years but Angels and Demons, Dan Brown’s first novel is the most iconic of them all to be filmed in the location. In the film, the main character runs around Vatican City unearthing hidden symbols and clues leading to the unearthing of a secret society, the Illuminati, in the real world, you will be hard pressed to find any of these hidden clues but it can’t hurt to check it our for yourself.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

The Oscar-winning film Argo was surprisingly filmed in Istanbul not the film’s intended location of Iran due to political unrest. The Grand Bazaar’s brightly colored markets and bustling streets made for a perfect backdrop in the film, however.

Tabernas Desert, Andalucia, Spain

Home to the filming of The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, the barren desert in the Andalucia region of Spain created the perfect backdrop for the film’s country western theme. The sunshine was fierce and the confederates and union soldiers fought to the death over their American soil in the Spanish countryside.

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