Adam and Pete | 8 Discoveries that I Made During the First Hike
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8 Discoveries that I Made During the First Hike

So, you have chosen the route, found a good companion, and even bought tickets. Studying of tourist forums for tips of seasoned ramblers and running to the sports shops are already done. Uncertainty and fear are left behind. And you are ready for your first real hike!

Ready? Not really. Here are eight things, which you will not believe in until you get your own experience.

Any mistake can have big consequences

Usually, we go hiking to find peace and serenity. We do not want to strain, think and worry about any nonsense. But in fact, during a hike every detail matters, and you cannot relax completely. If you are too lazy to look at the map once again – you can get lost and will need to walk for a couple kilometers more. If you are too lazy to take a heavy sleeping bag – you can get cold at night. Each step has consequences, and sometimes it is very difficult to fix them.

Sunscreen is not just for girls

Many people believe that sunscreen is something that doesn’t suit to the image of a brave conqueror. And they are absolutely wrong. You will need to spend only a few hours in the sun to get a burned skin in the evening, which will not let you sleep for a few days. The same applies to a hygienic lipstick.

There are no waterproof things

We are absolutely serious. No matter what material your clothes are made of, and no matter how much money you’ve spent on its waterproof features, you will get sousing anyway. The strength and duration of precipitation decide how fast it will happen. Nothing can be done with this. Just accept and be reconciled to it.

There is someone in the forest

While making your way through the forest, you may think that it is completely empty. Well, except for birds, of course. But, after making a camp for the night, you will be surrounded by the dark forest filled with sounds and rustles. You’ll hear someone grunting, stomping, breathing, and crawling right around your tent. Do not pay attention, they just live here and will not cause you any harm.

Locals do not know anything
Do you want to get lost for sure? Ask a local to show you the way!

Usually, locals know very little even about things that are located in the immediate vicinity from their garden. What can we say about the remote surroundings? Locals firmly believe they live in the dull, boring and nondescript place on the planet. They are not interested in nature and the sights of their native land. Therefore, always try to verify the information from locals two or even three times.

The moon and stars shine better than a flashlight

The urban residents are firmly convinced that there is nothing to do without a flashlight at night in the woods or mountains. However, you will find out that you take the flashlight only for insurance. Firstly, at this time, you will peacefully snuffle in a tent. And secondly, the light of the moon and stars is enough to move in the dark. Moreover, the visibility is even better and you will turn off your flashlight very soon.

Do not forget to put some empty space in a backpack

Commonly, tourists try to pack their luggage as hard and compact as possible. There are situations when you need to add a couple of things on the way, but the backpack is full. This could be a loaf of bread from a roadside shop, collected mushrooms, cheese bought from the shepherds, and so on. Leave a little space in your luggage for unplanned purchases in advance.

The farther away from people – the safer

Many beginners believe that a hike becomes more dangerous the further you are going into the forest. Actually, this is not true. The biggest trouble comes from people. Try to stay away from settlements and banks of rivers and lakes, which are always teeming with fishermen. The fewer people are near you – the calmer will be your sleep.

And what interesting and useful knowledge have you gained during your first hike?

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