Adam and Pete | Best of Lisbon – A One Day Running Tour
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Best of Lisbon – A One Day Running Tour

Travelling to foreign cities and countries always involve good food, but it can get pretty overwhelming as it causes us to put on a lot of weight. We can no longer fit in our jeans after a few days of sampling out local cuisines, or braving exotic dishes. So how do we then enjoy the food in a majestic city like Lisbon, without having to worry about the extra calories you can gain? Well, try having a Lisbon running tour, and have a completely unique vacation experience!

Healthy and Proactive Tour

If you’re feeling adventurous without going all out crazy, then explore the city of Lisbon by having a one-of-a-kind sight-running tour. It’s a fresher and more interesting way to enjoy the city’s remarkable sites and sceneries, staying healthy and active all the while. Jog around the city with a running guide to discover Lisbon’s beautiful gardens, monuments, and buildings. You can also discover mysterious places that may not be easily accessible by car.

Be entertained by your guide as he acquaint you with the city’s colorful history that will surely delight your curious minds. If you want to know more of Lisbon’s culture, meet local people through your running guide who can share fascinating stories about the city.

As for the local food, let your guide surprise you with the best ones the city has to offer. Know the most amazing restaurants out there, or enjoy food at the bustling street markets. You may also learn some secret finds especially those hole-in-the-wall bistros that make extraordinary dishes. No need to worry about adding in weight, as you can burn the calories off on your run. You never know, you may shed a few inches off after this tour.

Adjust the tour to your liking

What’s great about this tour is that you can personalize it in a lot of ways with your running guide. You can arrange the tour according to your preferred schedule, or adjust the run by adapting it to your pace. Since Lisbon is situated on hills, you can even add a little hike to your itinerary. If your tour ends early, you may opt to check out more places, or learn tips from your guide on how you can plan out the rest of your trip in Lisbon.

Feel free to also ask some tips on running, or in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your guide may share some advice on proper running techniques or exercises which may be essential for you. This tour is very flexible – it can be arranged exactly to your liking, so you do not have to worry about wasting your money or time. You may even gain some extras outside the package you availed.

Unforgettable experience

This running tour is definitely for anyone who wish to spice up their vacation for a more energetic and healthy trip. It is the perfect alternative to those who wish to maintain in good shape while having the trip of their lives. If you are one of them, then this running tour is the best choice for you. But if you are more the laidback type and staying fit on vacation is not really a priority, don’t worry! There is plenty of alternative things to do and see in town.

Run around Lisbon and discover the city together in a unique way. Withlocals aim is to unite people and cultures through traveling. They work together with locals from around the world and help you get in touch directly through their online platform and app – with travelers that desire the real bit of a place.


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