Adam and Pete | Maui, Hawaii – Everything You Would Want For a Vacation
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Maui, Hawaii – Everything You Would Want For a Vacation

Nope, we’re not talking about that character popularly known from the movie “Moana”, though this demigod does share the same characteristics with the island of Maui – charismatic, iconic, and a little crazy. This Hawaiian island will captivate you with its famous beaches and sights, but still leaves hidden gems waiting for you to find out. There’s a lot in store for you in your trip in Maui. The question is, are you ready for the total package?

The Glamour that is Maui

Taking a vacation in Maui is a no brainer. It offers the most breathtaking views, the clearest waters, and the greenest valleys that are the perfect setting for your selfies. No wonder so many A-list celebrities and famous personalities make this island their go to place to unwind and relax. This island has so much to offer that each trip you make is a unique one.

If you enjoy the waters as much as the locals do, then you’ll definitely have a good time in Maui. It’s filled with the best beaches you can find. More importantly, there are Maui vacation rentals which are just a walk away from the impeccable shores that make your stay easy and hassle-free. Stay in villas near Kapalua Bay Beach, and enjoy swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving, or the Fleming beach, a very popular spot among surfers for its great waves and cool waters.

Discovering Old Hawaii

Looking for a more inspiring trip in Maui? Then you better try one of the most popular activities in the island: the Road to Hana. It’s a day-long trip that lets you navigate through the most amazing sceneries, refreshing waterfalls, and even some unspoiled spots that would definitely make your trip memorable. You’ll be able to witness some jaw-dropping natural wonders that will give you a glimpse of what Hawaii looked like before it was discovered.

Watch the local shows such as the Na Lio Show in Lahaina which are the best ways to understand the Hawaiian culture, and learn about the colorful history of the place. Witness beautiful live performances from local talents, and immerse yourself in an authentic Hawaiian experience.

Worry-free Vacation

There is nothing more that you’d hate than to spend your entire vacation time worrying about your schedule or planned activities. Just relax and let the experts do it for you. There are so many pre-planned tours and vacation packages to choose from which really allows you the luxury of having peace of mind for the entirety of your stay.

Couples can opt to avail of romantic cruise packages – sailing along the sea with the sunset as the perfect backdrop for cocktails or champagne. Families on the other hand can try the whale watching tours. Kids will definitely enjoy looking at the humpback whales swim and play along the waters. You can also visit plantation farms in the island, and catch a variety of the freshest tropical fruits Maui has to offer.

Unforgettable Dining Experience

The Maui vacation rentals you can get are easily accessible to the best food spots around Maui. Try world-class restaurants in the island that provide the most delicious Hawaiian cuisines you’d ever taste. You can never go wrong as well with local cafes and bistros that offer the ultimate Hawaiian comfort food that will surely make you feel very at home.

The Feast at Lele is a Maui luau set right on a beach which embraces guests into the complete Hawaiian celebration. You get to savor a huge spread of food, while enjoying live musical and dance performances from the locals. It’s also a perfect time to mingle with the people of Maui, and learn some of their stories – and maybe travel tips – about the island. Take advantage of the open bar and enjoy drinks vibrant of tropical flavor while watching the sunset. Be amused with spectacular shows such as knife and fire dances that will surely spice up your evening.

Fun-filled Hikes

Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii, so there are so much spots to cover. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then why not take a hike in the most adventurous trails the island has to offer. For the more daring tourists, try climbing Mt. Haleakala, and enjoy a scenic view atop its summit. If you want to take your kids however on an easy walk, then the Kapalua coastal trail is the best option for you. You get to see Maui’s most beautiful bays while walking and enjoying the cool breeze.

Check out the Pipiwai trail too, probably the best hike Maui has to offer. Experience its grandeur through its bamboo forests and perfect waterfalls that are safe for jumping and swimming. You can also make a side trip and hike to the 7 Sacred Pools, also filled with amazing waterfalls and tropical lagoons that will no doubt excite nature lovers.

All-in-one Travel Experience

We don’t always get a lot of chances to just relax and unwind for us to relieve ourselves from all the stress and pressure that somehow take up most of our daily life. So when you do have that chance, you better make sure that you take advantage of it, as you never know when you’ll have another one. For that matter, there is no better way to maximize this chance than to spend it in Maui. It has practically everything you need for a perfect vacation. Don’t worry, it’s one decision you’ll never regret.


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