Adam and Pete | Tips for Choosing the Best Cycling Sunglasses
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Tips for Choosing the Best Cycling Sunglasses

We try to make it a point to enjoy our hobbies and sports as much as we can, either to fulfill our passions for adventure, or relieve the stress we get from working or studying. That is why we invest in getting quality gears or equipment for us to have the best experience possible.

Basically, the same principle applies with cycling. As cycling enthusiasts, there is nothing more we’d want than to have a fun, smooth, and pleasurable ride. As important as choosing the right bike, finding the right gear to go with it makes all the difference. One of which is looking for the best cycling sunglasses that will perfectly complement our ride – glasses that can protect our eyes while still being able to withstand the harshest conditions. Question is, how exactly do we find the perfect pair?

Lightweight and Durable Frames

Cycling trips would most likely be long ones, so you need a pair with a lightweight frame without sacrificing durability to survive any weather or condition. Frames made up of polymer materials such as polycarbonate plastic is a great option as it is strong and durable, and you won’t worry about shattering the frame in the case of a crash. Simple designs also ensure that the frame do not get in the way of your vision, so you don’t have to keep aligning your glasses by time to time.

The Right Lens

There are certain kinds of lens that are specifically designed to suit your needs in cycling. If you will be out for a really long time under the sun, it’s best to look for glasses that both have UV and UVB protection. This will ensure that your eyes and eyelids will not be damaged by those harmful rays from the sun.

Be keen as well in choosing the lens colour of your glasses, as this will let you see clearly and enjoy your ride better. Grey or dark lenses are useful in shielding light that may block our eyesight. Brown lenses can reduce glare, and can be used for almost all kinds of trips. For night rides, use clear lenses to view the road better. Polarized ones, on the other hand, are perfect for hiking, especially to reduce glares that can hurt your eyes.

Having a pair of scratch-resistant lens is also recommended. The last thing you’d like is to have shattered glass all over your eyes in the event of a bike crash. So, it’s best to have a scratchproof lens at hand.

Comfortability of Sunglasses

At the end of the day, you’d want a pair that is easy to wear and comfortable to use while riding. Look for glasses with rubber pads at the arms, nose, or temple area. This will ensure that your sunglasses are snugged perfectly on your eyes, which means you won’t get annoyed on glasses falling repeatedly while biking. Make sure that the glasses are fitted perfectly to your head, so it won’t feel too tight or too loose during your ride.

It’s okay to be a little concerned to the specs of your glasses. Once you find that perfect pair, you’d realize how the right glasses can make each ride a million times better.

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